Elder Health Care Ltd reply to clarification sought by the exchange

| Updated on December 29, 2014 Published on December 29, 2014

The Exchange had sought clarification from Elder Health Care Ltd with respect to news article appearing in Financial Express on December 29, 2014 titled "EHCL in talks with Japanese firm to launch skincare products"

Elder Health Care Ltd replied stating "We have to clarify as under:

As regards talks with Japanese firm for launching their skin care products under in-licence tie up, the Company had just a initial talks with the firm and no other modalities have been discussed. However, at present the Company is busy in restructuring the entire group. The Company has also plans to develop its own product Solo with introduction of Solo losengez and solu Vaporub in future. Another companys product viz. Respite which is an ointment for muscle pain and is available currently in Sachets weighing 50 gm and 25 gm and have also recently launched in 2 gm sachet too. We are also planning to launching Respite spray too for curing spot injuries and back ache. The Company has also plans to develop its own brand Rhyme in colour cosmetic segment in the near future."

Source : BSE - >www.bseindia.com

Published on December 29, 2014
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