Ref:Our LR,dtd 09.02.2018 Kindly refer to our letter cited. Soon after submitting above results to you, we noticed that a technical error crept in figures of 2016. We submit herewith revised Consolidated Un-audited Financial Results(UFR) for QE 31.12.2017: 1)There was an error in disclosure of Non-controlling interests for QE 31.12.2016 and for the 9 months period ended 31.12.2016. On account of this, there is a change (at Sl. No.12) in the Consolidated UFR submitted i.e. in NP attributable to owners & Non-controlling interests in column quarter ended 31.12.2016 and in column 9 months period ended 31.12.2016. However, there is no change in NP (at Sl. No. 9) for the QE 31.12.2016 and for 9 months period ended 31.12.2016. 2)There is change in the Consolidated segment results at 2(a) Shrimp Feed and 2 (b) Processed Shrimp rows for the quarter ended 31.12.2016 due to technical error. There is no change in any other figures except the above.

Pdf Link: Avanti Feeds Limited - Change In Consolidated Un-Audited Financial Results Submitted For The Quarter Ended 31.12.2017 - Reg.

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