Krish Food and Fun India, a Bengaluru-based start-up, plans to globally launch Araku Aroma Brand of coffees in the United States. “The company is launching Araku Aroma Coffees in Edison, New Jersey in the US. We are helping marketing coffees grown in the tribal belt of Andhra Pradesh. The Araku is tribal valley near Vishakhapatnam,” said Krishna Chaitanya, Managing Director, Krish Food and Fun India.

The company is also planning for a domestic foray in January at the India International Coffee Festival. According to Chaitanya, “As per the agreement, we are to buy coffees harvested by tribal farmers in around 250 acres. The company plans to market around 500 tonnes of coffee annually.”

“For this we have invested Rs 2.5 crore to set up roasting facility and for marketing tribal grown coffees,” he added.

Chaitanya was in Bengaluru recently to make final arrangements to release Araku Aroma brand of coffees. “As part of the agreement with tribal community, we want to spend 10 per cent of our profits from selling Araku Aroma to procure anti-venom drugs and for providing general medical facilities to the tribal community,” revealed Chaitanya.