Bharat Biotech’s intra-nasal Covid19 vaccine is in the ‘final’ stages of development and may be ready soon if all goes well.

“The product development activities are in process for intra nasal vaccine,” a source in the company told BusinessLine.

The Hyderabad-based vaccine maker has recently completed phase 3 trials of its intra-nasal vaccine and is in process of completing other regulatory requirements, the source said.  The phase 3 were conducted on 5,000 healthy volunteers.

The vaccine has been developed using a new technology licensed from Washington University. Bharat Biotech has been trying cocktail approach of administering two doses of two different vaccines with a combination of intramuscular and nasal in a first of its kind approach.

“Given the present focus on precaution dose for all to tacke any threat from the fourth wave of the pandemic, it would augur well if nasal vaccine can be brought out successfully,” said a senior executive of a major corporate hospital.  

In terms of efficacy and ease of administration, an intra-nasal vaccine is better than intra-muscular vaccines, according to some experts.

The company is also working on other variant specific covid vaccines.  ‘Studies are in progress and data will be available in the months to come,” the company source said.