Strengthening its overseas footprint, state-run BHEL today said a renovated hydro power plant project with enhanced generation capacity has been commissioned in Tajikistan.

The power equipment major is also implementing hydro projects in Rwanda, Afghanistan, Vietnam, DR Congo and Bhutan.

BHEL has completed the renovation, modernisation & uprating of the 2x4.75 MW Varjob hydro power plant at Barki Tojik in Tajikistan. The project is funded by the Indian Government.

The company — which had supplied the complete electro-mechanical package for the project — enhanced the capacity from two units of 3.67 MW to 4.75 MW each. Both the units have achieved uprated full load and are running successfully following the RMU job.

“The successful completion of this project by BHEL will help in strengthening business relations between India and Tajikistan and open a new market for India in Tajikistan.

“It also reflects BHEL’s continued support to Tajikistan’s vision to develop its hydro energy sector which constitutes four per cent of the world’s total hydro resources,” BHEL said in a statement.

Till date, BHEL has contracted equipment for about 550 units, enabling electricity generation of over 26,000 MW. Out of the total, around 5,000 MW has been contracted outside India.

“Other BHEL hydro installations overseas include Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Nepal and Bhutan.

BHEL is also currently executing hydro projects in Rwanda, Afghanistan, Vietnam, DR Congo and Bhutan,” the statement said.

The cumulative overseas installed capacity of BHEL manufactured power plants is more than 9,000 MW spread across 22 countries.

Moreover, BHEL is executing power plant projects — having 5,000 MW capacity — in 19 countries and these equipment would be worth more than $2 billion.