Boeing Vice President Dan Gillian speaks to the media regarding the performance of P-8I aircraft in India, in New Delhi on Thursday
Boeing Vice President Dan Gillian speaks to the media regarding the performance of P-8I aircraft in India, in New Delhi on Thursday | Photo Credit: ANI

About 300 Indian companies are generating ₹8,000 crore of economic impact as part of the supply chain contribution of US aerospace major Boeing India, said Salil Gupte, President of Boeing India on Thursday.

Addressing a press conference here, Gupte said Indian MSMEs — as part of their partnership with Boeing India — have achieved some of the highest global performance standards like clocking 99 per cent delivery timeline.

There have been dramatic changes in the Indian supply chain ecosystem, Gupte informed, as its “economic contribution has grown from ₹2,000 crore 10 years ago to ₹8,000 crore now, and we are looking at ₹10,000 crore in the near future”. On business expansion in the country, Gupte said that in the next few months, a 43 acre campus, the largest site for Boeing outside the US, will come up in India at an investment of ₹1,600 crore.

Using the 10th anniversary of Boeing-manufactured P-8I maritime surveillance aircraft which Indian Navy has been operating since its induction in 2013, the US aerospace major expressed interest in eyeing an additional order for six more planes. The Ministry of Defence, however, is still to decide on it, though. Dan Gillian, Vice-President and General Manager, Mobililty, Surveillance and Bombers, Boeing Defense, Space & Security, said they were in “discussion with the government” on the basis of performance of the robust and force multiplier P-8I aircraft.

Present at the press briefing by the Boeing was also US Navy’s Rear Admiral Micheal Baker, who stated that “Indian Navy has completed 40,000 hours of mishap-free flying on the P-8I platform carrying out multiple types of missions”. Admiral Baker, posted as defence attache at the US embassy here, dubbed P8I’s induction as “premier investment to safeguard India’s interest” in the Indian Ocean region, witnessing growing insecurities due to oversized presence of Chinese vessels.

Earlier, Gupte also stated that “Boeing has already generated a substantial economic impact, amounting to $ 1.7 billion to support the current p-8I aircraft fleet in service with the Indian Navy”, and increasing its fleet to 18 will scale up investments of approximately $1.5 million.

The leading global aerospace company also fielded three of its Indian partners -- Shekhar Sardessai, Managing Director of Kineco Group; Kunal Bajaj, President, Aerospace & Defence Division, CIM Motherson; and H G Chandrashekar, Founder & Managing Director, Sasmos HET Technologies -- to share their individual supply chain growth stories after partnership with Boeing India.

Kunal Bajaj of CIM Motherson recounted how in 2005 from small orders for 84 parts, his company graduated to offering 1300 parts now, including fuselage, wings, tales, landing gears, and hard and soft metals, for P-8Is and for civilian aerial platforms like 737s,747s,767s and 777s used by different airlines across the world.

Similarly, Sasmos HET Technologies’s H G Chandrashekar and Sekhar Sardessai also listed their own business graph following inclusion into Boeing’s supply chain, selling complex wirings to consoles and other parts respectively.