German water filtration technologies firm BRITA has commenced its India operations with the launch of a new range of water purifiers, MyPure Max, in Bengaluru on Wednesday. The firm has committed to an investment of €5 million for its India business. BRITA is present in 66 countries across the world, and India is its 67th market.

The RO +UV range of water purifiers will be sold in Bengaluru to begin with, through the direct sales model. “MyPure Max range recovers up to 50 per cent water as compared to conventional RO+UV water purifiers in the country. Our flagship model, Mypure Max 7S, features not only a best-in-class RO membrane with a purification capacity of 3,000 TDS but also an Alkatron Mineralizer which adds essential minerals and anti-oxidants, balancing the pH level of water,” said Hartmut Wolf, Managing Director - Product Development, BRITA India.

The water purifiers come in three models, priced at ₹18,999, ₹22,490 and ₹27,990. The company is expected to launch three more models in May, starting at a lower price point of ₹17,999.

The products are being assembled by a third party manufacturer in Daman at present. The company is also looking at setting up a manufacturing facility in Bengaluru.