Edtech major BYJU’S has acquired Austria-headquartered GeoGebra.

The Austrian company has built an interactive and collaborative mathematics learning tool. This acquisition is said to complement BYJU’S overall product strategy.

GeoGebra will continue to operate as an independent unit within the BYJU’S group under the leadership of its founder Markus Hohenwarter.

Impactful learning

Speaking on the acquisition, Anita Kishore, Chief Strategy Officer, BYJU’S said, “The GeoGebra team has built a powerful and stimulating platform that complements BYJU’S mission of providing impactful learning for students. Designed to improve mathematical understanding, it offers significant features that provide interactive resources that adapt to every child’s style and pace of learning. At BYJU’S, with the help of innovative teaching and technology, we have been making Math fun, visual, and engaging. And with GeoGebra on board, we will continue to further enhance, reimagine and transform the way Math is taught and learned.”

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GeoGebra has a community of over 100 million learners across more than 195 countries. The platform brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use format.

GeoGebra’s learning tools

The platform, according to the company, has dynamic and connected geometry and algebra learning tools that aid in formulating and proving geometric conjectures. The software can be either downloaded as an app or can be used online. The curriculum is available in multiple languages for students around the world.

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“GeoGebra was born out of a passion to help students learn math in a visually appealing and engaging manner. Our shared passion for learning and teaching resonates with BYJU’S, making them a perfect partner for our onward journey. I am confident that this partnership will help millions of students learn mathematics in an interactive way, in turn making them overcome their fear of math and learn to master it,” said Markus Hohenwarter, Founder and Developer of GeoGebra.

GeoGebra includes both an enterprise and philanthropic non-profit organisation. Its commercial services support more than 300 established education service companies and start-ups, while the non-profit supports students, teachers, researchers, and government agencies across many countries.