In a bid to help with oxygen supply to treat patients, large Covid-19 centres are being built on emergency basis around JSW Group's steel plants. The company is laying a dedicated pipeline to supply gaseous oxygen directly to the patients. This will avoid the dependency on liquid oxygen.

Sajjan Jindal, Chairman and Managing Director of JSW Group-- the company which is the largest oxygen producing private steel company in the country, has committed to maximise the supply of Oxygen from his plants.

He said that saving lives is more important than producing steel, and production can suffer for as long as the country is in need of any resource available with the company.

"If oxygen in such huge quantities cannot be taken to the patients, then we must bring the patients closest to the oxygen source. JSW is already supplying maximum possible Liquid Oxygen from its plants and is one the biggest suppliers of Medical Oxygen in the country today," Jindal said.