After catering to 11 countries, India’s leading dog food brand Dogsee Chew plans to foray into new overseas markets, including the US, Japan, France and Germany, by next year.

The dog-friendly, human-grade Indian brand has received good response in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and South Korea.

The Bengaluru-based Dogsee Chew had received angel funding of ₹2 crore in a round led by AK Balyan, CEO of Reliance Oil and Gas, in 2016. Since its inception in 2015, it has seen a growth of 400 per cent year-on-year (YoY) as more pet parents around the world identify the need for healthy dog treats.

The brand has clocked in 8-10 per cent month-on-month growth since the past 18 months and expects similar trends for the next 3-5 years, Bhupendra Khanal, Founder and CEO, told BusinessLine .

Dogsee Chew is made out of the Himalayas’ hardened yak milk cheese handcrafted by about 8,000 residents of around 150 villages in Nepal, Sikkim and Darjeeling with whom Khanal Foods Pvt Ltd, owner of the brand, has networked to procure cheese. The brand is free of grain, gluten, preservatives, colour, and has a long shelf-life, he said.

“We are working with these milk farmers in a cooperative-like model and help them with financial inclusion like loans etc.”

The company has a plant in Bengaluru with a capacity to process 50,000 kg of cheese per month; and to control quality and package the products.

Around 20-25 litres of yak milk is required to make a kilogram of cheese. The brand’s products include Dogsee chew bars, puffies, crunchies and puffy bars.

Khanal said that most contemporary dog food brands use non-natural, non-human grade ingredients along with artificial color and preservatives, which have a negative impact on the health and vitality of dogs.

In the estimated ₹3,000 crore animal food industry in India, nearly 70 per cent is dominated by dog-food, with a CAGR of 50-60 per cent. With changing urban lifestyles and increasing number of single and childless people, dogs have emerged as their best friends and companions.