Feel At Home, provider of cost-effective accommodation to international students set up in Ireland in 2017 and which later expanded operations to the UK and Canada, has now launched services in cities of Australia. Mohammed Rafique, Founder and CEO, said in Kochi the company is expanding at a fast pace in response to growing demand. 

Demand for ready-to-move-in, tailor-made accommodations has surged following an increase in number of students flying abroad. As they arrive at the destinations, they often struggle to find affordable and decent accommodation. Feel At Home seeks to bridge this gap by ensuring them clean, safe, and convenient accommodations which are budget friendly, Rafique said.

Local support offered

Upon signing up with Feel At Home, students are provided with local support. This ranges from airport pickups to university and campus tours. To date, the company has served over 10,000 students across regions, and the demand continues to grow. The enrolment process is hassle-free and can be completed from the comfort of one’s home, Rafique said.

“Finding convenient and comfortable accommodation has been a major worry for students abroad. Feel At Home steps in to address their need,” he said. Launched in Dublin, it now offers services in cities including London (the UK); Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Kitchener, Peterborough and Northbay and Sarnia (Canada); and now in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth (Australia). 

Unfamiliar situation 

In India, finding accommodation is relatively easy due to availability of hundreds of hostels and PG (Paying Guest) facilities around colleges and universities. But the situation in countries such as Ireland, the UK or Canada, is quite different. “The concept of hostels is not prevalent at large, and those which do exist tend to be extremely expensive,” Rafique explained. 

To add more countries

“We would soon be in New Zealand, Germany and France,” he added. The company has sales offices in Dubai, Kochi and Colombo, and will expand to Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Ludhiana. With 500 properties exclusively for students in four countries, students can find accommodation in the desired country even before they travel. This allows students to focus on admission process without the stress of finding a place to stay, Rafique pointed out. From shared rooms to single occupancy options, Feel At Home offers various facilities to suit different budgets. It will soon launch an app to enable booking online, he added.