To address the issue of a safe workplace, Hitachi India has developed effective monitoring of workers' safety through technology adoption.

“The Hitachi India Pvt Ltd's Research & Development (HIL R&D) Center has developed an automated construction surveillance system that tracks construction workers' safety enforcement in real-time to minimise disruption in the execution of contracts,” Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India, told BusinessLine .

The system tracks construction workers' safety by ensuring that adequate safety equipment is worn by them. This has been deployed at numerous project sites, he added.

Operational tech

“Also, the company has developed expertise in Operational Technology (OT) X IT, which enables the government and businesses to ride the intelligent automation wave and automate their processes and workflows to set benchmarks in efficiency, quality, and speed,” he added.

Hitachi India has also developed solutions to fight Covid-19 pandemic like digital processes, automated operations, and Industry 4.0 solutions have assisted the manufacturers in addressing all challenges.

“The pandemic has dramatically altered the sense of geography, distances, how we function, and how we conduct business. As the manufacturing sector unlocked, companies looked to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for employees, comply with government-issued SOPs and actively collaborate with the government to fuel economic and industrial growth,” Kaushal said.

“ The company developed an IoT-based tracking solution for contactless scanning of body temperature and face mask recognition,” he added.

The company’s solution to the industry included non-contact thermometer and an IOT Edge Gateway mounted on a frame which detects high temperature and facial mask adherence from a distance of one meter, alerts the authorities in cases of concern, while monitoring every movement of a worker in a real time via IoT-enabled wearables assigned to each of them.

Kaushal said “Additionally, our R&D developed a data-driven Covid-19 information platform dashboard which supported India to keep the citizens and society informed. The dashboard draws relevant data and details from across reliable and authentic digital platforms and presents it to the user in a friendly and analytical format.”

“The initiative illustrates Hitachi’s technological capabilities of how effectively we can amalgamate and utilise the data using our legacy old data analytics capabilities ensuring the well-being of millions of citizens,” he added.