Indkal Technologies, the official licensee of Acer India, has decided to foray into the air-conditioners and washing machines segment. The company had launched Acer-branded televisions in India in 2021.

Jade Zhou, Vice President, Acer Incorporated, said, “We have extended our partnership with Indkal Technologies to large appliances. Indkal has developed a compelling line-up of A/Cs and washing machines that include innovative features and technology.”

Indkal Technologies said it has roped in Dixon Technologies and Amber Enterprises as strategic manufacturing partners for Acer-branded washing machines and air-conditioners, respectively. Dixon Technologies also makes Acer-branded televisions for the company.

Offering value

Anand Dubey, CEO, Indkal Technologies, said, “Indian consumers are increasingly opting for electronics and appliances which offer value in terms of quality and features. We are positioned in the ‘affordable premium’ segment. With a focus on a great product-market fit, our product range is high on technology, loaded with category-defining features and offers superior build and design quality.”

He said the company will be leveraging its offline distribution network of over 8,500 retail outlets as well as the e-commerce channel to sell the newly launched products.

On sales expectations, Dubey said, “We expect to sell 1.2-1.3 million units by the end of this fiscal. Of this, we believe nearly one million units will come from the television category.”

The company said Acer large appliances will be available across two series — Quad and Halo. “The Quad series A/Cs and washing machines will be feature-rich yet available at affordable prices, while the Halo series Acer A/Cs and washing machines will cater to customers who are looking for top-of-the-line products with premium features and services,” it added.