Jumboking Foods Pvt Ltd, a quick service restaurant (QSR), aims to open 1,000 stores across the country in the next five years. At present it operates 115 stores.

“We plan to add about 160-180 stores across the country by the end of FY23, and become 1,000 stores strong by 2027,” Dheeraj Gupta, founder, Jumboking Foods, told BusinessLine.

Currently, the burger franchise claims to have annual revenue of about₹75-80 lakh per store. However, Gupta said before Covid, it had an annual turnover of about ₹1 crore per store.” .

The burger chain hasn’t expanded much beyond Mumbai. Of the total 115 stores, 96 are located in Mumbai. Primarily started as a Vada Pav chain, it was in 2016-17 when the company decided to expand nationally and became a burger chain.

Southern expansion

With the target to expand in the South now, the burger chain would open its first store in Bengaluru in July. “In Bengaluru, we will be opening a total of 50 stores, by adding 12 stores in a year, starting with this year,” he said. The locations of the upcoming stores were not disclosed. The company also opened its first store in Hyderabad this year.

The company operates on an ‘on-the-go eating’ model with a special focus on developing around metro stations. To select the location for setting up a franchise, the brand looks at the number of customers/footfalls at the exit points of a metro station. “The customer count is benchmarked at 20,000 customers per day at the metro location,” said Gupta.

Jumboking was founded in 2001. At present, the brand has its stores in Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Delhi, and Hyderabad.