Kennametal India Limited (KIL), a subsidiary of Kennametal Inc., on Tuesday launched its new metal cutting inserts manufacturing facility on its Bengaluru campus.

The facility is part of Kennametal Inc.’s global modernisation program, and will support demand for Kennametal and WIDIA brand inserts from customers across India and beyond, said the company. Inserts are cutting tools that span a host of applications requiring machining or removal of metals.

“Our manufacturing plant in Bengaluru spans over 27 acres and has been pivotal to our growth in India for decades. It has unique capabilities for end-to-end manufacturing of industry-leading metal cutting tools and technologies that enable exceptional performance for our customers,” said Vijaykrishnan Venkatesan, Managing Director, KIL.

According to the company, the new facility consolidates inserts manufacturing operations which were previously housed in multiple production units within the Bengaluru plant, and incorporates intelligent manufacturing systems for improved quality, consistency, and lead times. Additionally, it has also invested in training the workforce with the specific skillsets needed to leverage these advanced technologies to their fullest, the company added.

 “Through expanded capacity, advanced equipment, and a highly skilled and talented workforce, we will bring improved quality, product performance, innovation, and delivery to our customers, so they can build better every day,” said Sanjay Chowbey, vice president Kennametal Inc. and President Metal Cutting Segment.

Currently, the company in its Bengaluru facility manufactures tools such as milling, turning, hole-making, threading, and tooling systems of both Kennametal and WIDIA brands.