KiviHealth, a technology platform that aims to create next-generation medical clinic using intelligence and automation, has raised $400,000 in pre-Series A round from Chandigarh Angels Network and Claris Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ahmedabad-based pharma company Claris Lifesciences.

Prior to this, the company had raised raised $130,000 in an angel round from various individual investors and healthcare experts, including Pradeep Jaisingh, founder of cancer centre network International Oncology and incubator HealthStart.

The team

Founded in 2015, KiviHealth is a doctor-patient collaboration tool that uses chatbots and visual tools to improve the combined engagement.

Bhanu Mahajan, one of the co-founders, is a medical and MBA graduate, who was working in the strategy team at Max Healthcare. The other, Rajandeep Singh, has previously worked with Microsoft and Capillary Technologies, in various technology roles.

Proven market

Krishna Handa, founder of Claris Capital, told BusinessLine : “We have observed the growth of the company over the past one year and are enthusiastic to offer our full support to the further growth of the company. We believe the company has proven its product market fit and holds a strong position at a very right time in further penetrating the ripe digital healthcare ecosystem in India.”


Hemant Sood, a participating investor from Chandigarh Angels Network, said the funds will be used to strengthen KiviHealth’s product offering and scale up sales operations.

The amount will be also used for adding new technologies, including IoT, to make the offering more inclusive for both patients and doctors.

The firm is currently operational in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan, with more than 2,000 paying subscribers — doctors in this case — and more than one million registered patients.