Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) has called out applications for its Innovation Drive 2023, which includes a range of financing grants for innovators, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

The grants are designed to support seed funding for translating innovative ideas into technology products and commercialisation. Unlike in previous years, start-ups can now apply for innovation grants throughout the year, as needed.

The innovation grants are divided into four categories: Idea Grant, Productization Grant, Market Acceleration Grant, and Scale-Up Grant. Additionally, applications for the ‘Startup Research Grant’ are also open. Start-ups can apply for these grants from May 1, and more information can be found at

The Idea Grant is open to any innovator or entrepreneur who has an innovative idea and is looking to develop a proof of concept or prototype, with a maximum grant amount of ₹3 lakh. While it is not mandatory to have a registered start-up for this grant, applicants must have both Startup Registration and KSUM Unique ID before processing for fund release.

Start-ups that are focused on product development and launch can apply for the Productization Grant, which provides up to ₹7 lakh.

The grant includes a special section for Women and Transgender founders, with an enhanced grant amount of ₹12 lakh. To be eligible for this section, women/transgender founder(s) must have a majority stake of 51 per cent in the company.

The Market Acceleration Grant, which offers ₹10 lakh, is intended for start-ups that have a live product in the market and are looking to accelerate their revenue.

The Scale-Up Grant is designed to support start-ups for maximising their revenue who have a minimum steady revenue of ₹10 lakh in the last six months or have raised an investment of not less than ₹30 lakh are considered for this funding. A scale-up start-up is eligible for a grant amount of up to ₹15 lakh.

The Startup Research Grant (R&D Grant) of ₹30 lakh is open to highly promising deep tech start-ups in sectors like health and medtech, hardware, space tech, engineering, etc., with a working prototype and IP that needs to be developed into a final product through extensive R&D.

During 2022-23, KSUM has sanctioned grant support of ₹10 crore for 179 start-ups, which is the highest amount ever sanctioned by KSUM in a year. KSUM is the nodal agency of the Kerala government for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in the State.