LinkedIn Top Startups List 2022 includes 13 from Bengaluru out of the total 25 start-ups featured in the list. This affirms Bengaluru’s reputation as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. About 58 per cent of all jobs posted by these start-ups on LinkedIn from August 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022, were based out of Bengaluru.

CRED, upGrad, and Groww were named as the top three start-ups on this list, for showing resilience in an uncertain market environment and continuing to innovate in 2022.

Ranking methodology

To compile this year’s list, LinkedIn looked at platform data from July 2021 to June 2022 across four pillars: employee growth; jobseeker interest; member engagement within the company and its employees; and how well these start-ups pulled talent from its flagship LinkedIn Top Companies list.

Speaking about CRED’S performance, the report noted, “Besides gaining popularity for its quirky ads in the past two years, CRED is also setting new benchmarks for employee well-being by offering benefits such as ElderCare, egg freezing, and one-on-one support for mental wellness to its employees.”

New start-ups in the field

This year’s list also features new entrants including e-grocery company Zepto (#4), full-stack car buying platform Spinny (#7), and insurtech start-up Ditto Insurance (#12) — all of which are online platforms that are making financial, mobility, and essentials more accessible for consumers in India. Fitness platform Ultrahuman (#19) and organic food marketplace Living Food (#20) also debuted on this year’s list.

Commenting on the list, Nirajita Banerjee, Managing Editor at LinkedIn News India said, “The Indian start-up ecosystem displays great resilience as we continue to see the rise of new start-ups with 68 per cent of entrants on the list appearing for the first time. These start-ups are navigating the uncertain macro environment by optimising their businesses for sustainable growth and taking a more prudent approach toward scaling their business.”

Banerjee added, “It’s also great to see young professionals embrace India’s start-up ecosystem, with 56 per cent of all hires in the top 25 start-ups being aged below 30, and 17 per cent aged below 25, at the time of joining. This list is a great resource for job seekers excited by the opportunity to innovate, solve big problems, and grow their skills within these start-ups.”

Other start-ups on the list include Skyroot Aerospace, MBA Chai Wala, The Good Glamm Group, GrowthSchool, BluSmart, ShareChat, Ditto Insurance, Simpl, Rapido, Classplus, Park+, BlissClub, DealShare, Living Food, FamPay, AgniKul Cosmos, Stanza Living, Pocket FM, and Zypp Electric.