L&T Construction is using 3D printing to build a post office building in Bengaluru.

It will build the 1,000 sq ft structure for the Halasuru Post Office using 3D concrete printing technology within 45 days. An emerging technology, 3D concrete printing has the potential to transform construction practices by speeding up construction and enhancing overall build quality.

“Generally, such projects take 6–8 months to complete, while using 3D printing technology reduces that significantly,” explained MV Satish, Whole-time Director and senior executive vice-president, of L&T Construction (Buildings).

L&T Construction to build post office using 3D printing

According to the company, the project scope involves structure, MEP, and finishes. While the technology has been approved by the Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), the structural design of the post office has been validated by IIT Madras. 

The company has also started using the technology for commercial purposes elsewhere. “ Some of our ongoing projects include the HAD (Himank Air Dispatch) Transit Residence at Chandigarh for the Border Roads Organisation, the Indian Army, the Villas Project at Bengaluru, Karnataka, and buildings for a factory client,” he noted.

Landmark structure

The post office will be Karnataka’s first public structure to be built using 3D technology.

The project is progressing at a brisk pace, and once completed, the building will be a mini landmark for Bengaluru.

The use of 3D printing is available for various segments, such as affordable housing up to G+3 floor, military barracks, single-floor schools, warehousing, accommodation, and villas, and expect this technology to pick up in the coming years. In addition to 3D technology, the company also uses prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) to develop hotel projects

“We are actively seeking to expand our portfolio of 3D printed structures in various sectors and are positioned well to capitalise on the benefits of this innovative technology,” he added.