Having merged L&T Infotech and Mindtree into a single IT services company, L&T is shaping up its other tech arm L&T Technology Services (LTTS) to take up futuristic projects, including driverless cars.

“Autonomous car is a classic example of work that companies like LTTS will be engaged in. They will work on the dashboard of the car. LTTS enables technology and gadgets to become intelligent and sophisticated in terms of their processing capabilities and embedded functionalities,” Shankar Raman, Whole-time Director and CFO, L&T, told businessline.

The company, incorporated in 2012, focuses on technology development in mobility, telecommunication and healthcare space, and is present in over 30 countries. LTTS provides product, manufacturing and operation engineering solutions and engineering consultancy.

Other Indian companies are also working on bringing autonomous cars and future mobility technology to the country. Tata Motors is working with its subsidiary JLR to construct the architecture that supports future technologies, including bringing level-two autonomous cars and connected cars to India.

No merger plans

While L&T Infotech and Mindtree have been merged, the conglomerate has no such plans for LTTS.

“LTI and Mindtree were into IT services, whose consumers are chief information officers of various companies, but LTTS is an engineering-based company and its customers are the key technology officers. In simple terms, there are features on mobile phones which enable us to sidestep tedious processes, including voice recognition and autocorrect, done by embedded software. The software and the engineering behind it is what the technology does. While large IT companies have it embedded in their mainstream business, we have chosen to keep LTTS a niche, specialised engineering service company,” added Raman.

L&T is also adopting digital technologies to future proof its businesses. From using new platforms based on AI for its construction business to connecting 11,000 equipment being used at various project sites for providing real-time visibility into the operations of these machines, the company is transforming its own operations.