When most pump set manufacturers offer the product with a 2-year warranty, Mahendra Submersible Pumps Private Ltd has dared to offer a 5-year warranty for its extensive range of products.

The Mahendra 5- year warranty comes in two parts – a standard two-year warranty and an extended 3-year paid warranty which would cover repair and maintenance of the product components.

“This includes cover for winding of coils in event of burn out and all standard services that the pumps will need during 5 years from the date of purchase,” says Jayakumar Ramdass, Managing Director, Mahendra Submersible Pumps.

Jayakumar incidentally spearheads the quality and technology vertical of the company.

He explained that the pump set industry has always been shy of giving extended warranties on their products because of various site factors that heavily influence the life of a pump and are often the reason for failures. “At Mahendra, we have assessed the pump warranty repair and claims data over long period of time and are confident that our product range will withstand reasonable use and instill customer delight”.

The company is all set to revolutionise the pump industry with this extended warranty, which in turn would benefit end users, dealers and service centres.