Mitsubishi Electric India’s Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNC) department unveiled a prototype of Teach-T, a training machine to provide CNC technology skills to students.

It was shown during IMTEX 2023 organised by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA). 

The machine, which is designed and built in India, will be introduced to the market in the following financial year, according to Masaya Takeda, General Manager-CNC Systems, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt Ltd. 

Teach-T is in line with Mitsubishi Electric India’s strategy to get into the education segment through government tenders and projects.

“We will target ITI, diploma, and other private engineering training centers. The target is to build approximately 600 Teach-T’s every year, but we will be moving stage by stage,” said Takeda. 



Since it is a prototype, the company plans to modify the machine before launching it in the market, and hence it has taken a year’s timeline, according to Takeda. The machines will be manufactured in its Bengaluru factory.

‘Bridging the gap’

Takeda added, “There is a gap between the skills needed by the industry and the skills we get from training centers. Mitsubishi Electric India is trying to bridge the gap with these products. This is also to create awareness at an early stage to target the education segment.”

The company intends to provide training to the students in the fields of mechatronics, machine tools, production engineering, mechanical engineering, and more.

Similarly, last year, Mitsubishi Electric launched a training and demonstration caravan to help enhance the skills of young machine operators and nurture their technical capabilities in learning the latest CNC systems.

“We’ve trained around 2,000 people since we started, and we’ll keep running this program,” said Takeda.

Additionally, CNC intends to expand technical support in India and upskill its existing staff

“Mitsubishi’s CNC department, which has a headcount of around 100 employees, plans to expand its workforce by 5 per cent annually. Overall, Mitsubishi Electric India employs 896 people across its operations,” he noted.

Mitsubishi Electric CNC offers an advanced CNC control system to take the machining needs of customers to a higher performance level.

It supplies CNC packages and technologies to various factory machines. The company started its CNC manufacturing facility in Peenya, Bengaluru in 2017.