MPS Ltd, a unit of Macmillan Publishing, posted standalone net profit of ₹25 crore for the quarter ended March 31, 2023, up 32 per cent from ₹19 crore in the corresponding quarter a year ago. Standalone revenues from operations stood at ₹77 crore, up 18 per cent from ₹65 crore a year ago.

For the fiscal 2022-23, the company’s net profit stood at ₹86 crore, up 21 per cent. Standalone revenues stood at ₹298 crore, up 5 per cent.

On a consolidated basis, the company’s profits for the quarter stood at ₹32 crore (₹22 crore ). Consolidated quarterly revenues stood at ₹127 crore. For the fiscal 2022-23, consolidated net profit stood at ₹109 crore (₹87 crore). Company’s revenues from operations stood at ₹501 crore, against ₹449 crore last year. Total expenses increased to ₹365 crore (₹345 crore).

The company’s board of directors has recommended a dividend of ₹20 per equity share of face value of ₹10 each.

Rahul Arora, Chairman and CEO of MPS Ltd, said the combined effect of lower attention spans, rapid growth in digital consumption, and the recent advances in AI/ML has helped MPS unlock an accelerated trajectory through and post-pandemic. “MPS operates in a high-growth market that is currently fragmented and headed toward consolidation. The largest player is ~USD 300 million in revenues, while our total addressable market is estimated to be $300 billion growing at a CAGR of 15 per cent. Powered by a deep purpose of making learning accessible to ALL, MPS is pursuing a scale-up and will play the role of market consolidator.”

In the segment revenues, the company recorded revenues from content solutions at ₹261 crore for the fiscal 2022-23, up 8 per cent from ₹242 crore last year. The e-learning solutions revenues stood at ₹126 crore, up 52 per cent from ₹83 crore last year. The platform solutions revenus dipped to ₹113 crore.

MPS Ltd’s shares ended at ₹1052.05 apiece, down 2.84 per cent, on the BSE on Wednesday.