Serene Envirotech, a one-year-old, Mumbai-based start-up, has launched a small-sized electrolyzer equipment that can produce hydrogen—for medical applications.

Dr Babu Sudhakar, Chairman and Managing Director of the company, told Business Line that in the recent years, administering hydrogen has emerged as a means of delivering anti-oxidants to the body.


Oxidative stress, he said, was fast becoming a major health issue, owing to the growing pollution in cities. People, therefore, need external anti-oxidants to supplement those that the body naturally produces.

Describing hydrogen as an “excellent” anti-oxidant, which counters only the bad free radicals (OH and NO2 molecules) and leaves alone the good free radicals (NO and hydrogen peroxide), Dr Sudhakar said that the recent experience abroad and Serene Envirotech’s own clinical trials had shown excellent results. He said that ‘molecular hydrogen’ can be used for skincare and performance-enhancing in sports too.

He said the product was India’s first molecular hydrogen generating machine.

The equipment, christened UdazH, was formally launched in Hyderabad last month at an expo. It features a DuPont platinum membrane, can produce 300 ml of hydrogen per minute, has a life of 5 years or 5,000 hours, and sells for Rs 80,000.

The company has roped in actor Bhagyashree, of Meine Pyar Kiya fame, to be its brand ambassador for the product.