Mylab Discovery Solutions’ newly launched disease testing kit, the ‘PathoDetect Extended Monsoon Fever Panel’ has demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity, and efficiently differentiates Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis bacterial species, and Leishmaniasis parasite.

According to the company, the combined kit is highly accurate, user-friendly, compact and can process samples to results within two hours, and therefore, it can be implemented for mass testing.

Speaking during its launch, Hasmukh Rawal, Founder and MD, Mylab Discovery Solutions, said, “There are major vector-borne diseases that pose a significant threat to India. Their precise diagnosis remains a significant challenge because of the lack of accurate and reliable diagnostic methods.”

Rawal said, “We are proud to present the Extended Monsoon Fever Panel, which will create a paradigm shift. Accuracy and speed of diagnosis coupled with its efficiency to distinguish the causative agents will make it an extremely beneficial method to manage.”

‘RT-PCR — the most accurate screening solution’

He added, “There is a great opportunity for us to use the infrastructure created for control of the Covid-19 virus to monitor the mosquito-borne diseases in elimination programmes. RT-PCR is the most accurate screening solution for detecting vector-borne disease as it was in the case of Covid-19. It can prevent further spread of the diseases and aid in disease elimination.”

Commenting on the kit , Dr. Sumedha Chaudhari, MD Microbiologist, Lab Director, ACU-MDX said, “Real-Time PCR is the gold standard for testing infectious diseases. I am confident that Extended Monsoon Fever Panel will be beneficial for early and accurate diagnosis of all these monsoon diseases and help appropriate initiation of treatment.”