After strengthening its diagnostic presence through portable tele-medicine point-of-care (POC) system Swayam, diagnostic start-up Mylab Discovery Solutions is now taking molecular-ready labs to the hinterland, “powering” small lab owners.

Low-Investment High-Automation model

In order to empower entrepreneurs and labs in the smaller towns, Mylab has launched a model to help them build molecular diagnostics labs, thereby making diagnostics accessible to remote corners of the country. It has so far supported 30 labs to become molecular-ready in different parts of the country, a statement said. After the severe stress witnessed by testing infrastructure during the second wave of Covid-19, a decentralised diagnostics centre concept is gaining popularity.

Mylab’s model offers diagnostic lab entrepreneurs advanced tools and technologies to deliver and meet their customers’ demands. This also helps smaller labs optimise operational performance and maximise resource utilisation. In a statement, the company said that there are many entrepreneurs or small lab owners looking to either set up labs or upgrade their existing labs but establishing a conventional molecular diagnostics lab is expensive and requires intensive capital investment.

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Mylab’s Low Investment High Automation model uses a revolutionary molecular diagnostics system ‘Compact XL’ — a lab in a Box. It helps save infrastructure costs as it requires less than 200 sqft. of space with just a few equipment and low-skill manpower.

Lab setup

The start-up provides support for the entire lab setup including machine installations, training and tests. While there are no infrastructure development requirements, the revenue sharing model benefits labs without a molecular facility and can benefit from upgradation.

“Dedicated application experts provides training to lab members who become application experts. Mylab also provides marketing support in testing programs at a local level and consulting support on how to participate in local health programs. The company also provides support in regulatory processes — consulting support on how to prepare for NABL and CAP accreditation for the lab,” the statement added.


In September this year, Mylab Discovery Solutions picked up 51 per cent stake in the health-tech start-up Sanskritech, the developer of Swayam. The company plans to establish more than 1,000 POC systems in the next two years.

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Mylab has investments from Adar Poonawalla of Serum Institute of India and Abhijit Pawar, Chairman of APG. It has also partnered with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s Syngene to secure a steady supply of indigenously made raw materials for testing kits.

It looks to use its expertise in diagnostic solutions such as development, biosensors, robotics, liquid handling and embed Artificial Intelligence to facilitate faster reporting and consultation with doctors.