Neuron Energy on Monday said it has entered into a strategic partnership with KLB Komaki, an electric two-wheeler maker, wherein the electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing start-up will deliver 15,000 battery packs per year.

This will generate a revenue of around ₹50 crore annually with a monthly order value of 4 crore. The Bluetooth-enabled batteries are not just one of the most innovative offerings of Neuron but can also repaired remotely, Neuron Energy said in a statement.

Auto manufacturers are increasingly turning to this technology, the company added.

Remote troubleshooting

In recent years, major EVs have begun incorporating battery management systems into their infotainment systems as a factory-installed feature, allowing smartphones to remain connected to the main server even when driving. By connecting the battery and charger via Bluetooth, a battery can be remotely repaired within six hours of reporting a complaint.

In addition to providing transparency on the technical prowess of the battery and wall-mounted charger, Neurons’ Android-compliant app provides technical and functional details to the end-user, Neuron Energy said.

“These batteries can also be repaired remotely, which makes them more user-friendly. Through this partnership, we aim to address a wider audience and enable them to transition towards a more sustainable and clean future through increased adoption of electric vehicles,” Neuron Energy co-founder Pratik Kamdar said.

The EV market is expected to grow at a 94.4 per cent CAGR from 2021 to 2030. Kamdar added that with Neuron’s smart battery management system, the company can provide top-notch service to EV owners by combining battery pack monitoring accuracy, data acquisition, and fault checking.

Neuron provides lead-acid and lithium-ion technology batteries for e-bikes, e-rickshaws, and golf carts, while KBL Komaki, which ventured into the EV business in 2016, manufactures e-rickshaws, e-Scooters, and e-loaders.