Electric vehicle manufacturer Ola Electric will have six products in the market by 2027. The company, in the next two years, plans to launch several new two-wheeler products, its CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said in a blog post. 

Aggarwal said that Ola Electric is looking at launching a mass-market scooter, mass-market motorcycle and multiple premium motorcycles (sports, cruisers, adventure, and road bikes).

“This strong scale of two-wheeler manufacturing gives us a very strong competitive advantage across core EV technologies and supply chains in software, electronics, batteries, and power trains and will enable us to make world-class four-wheeler products at very competitive price points,” he wrote. 

Ola e-car in 2024

He also mentioned that Ola will launch its first car in 2024, and will have 6 different products in the market by 2027. The company, he said, has sold almost 1,50,000 EVs this year and is working towards Mission Electric, that is – all 2-wheelers sold in India by 2025 end to be electric, and all cars sold in India by 2030 to be electric.

Ola Electric will commission its cell manufacturing plant with a 5GWh capacity by the year end with an ambition to install 100GWh over the course of this decade, Aggarwal wrote. In 2022, it started operations at its Battery Innovation Centre which it said will enable more than 1,000 researchers to work on the future of cell tech and build the IP.

“Our own technology and a localised supply chain give us a strong competitive advantage over other global and  Indian companies,” Aggarwal said. 

Global EV hub

The CEO believes this will be India’s decade of EV transformation and becoming a  global EV hub. He suggests that in order to build the future, a four-pronged strategy has to be followed. He said the country should build world-class aspirational products, invest in R&D and build the core technology, build local supply chains in new materials and components, and attract the best talent from around the world.