Cab-hailing major Ola is piloting a new category called Prime Plus with the promise of zero cancellations.

“Testing out a new premium service by @Olacabs! Prime Plus: Best drivers, top cars, no cancellations or operational hassles. Will go live for select customers in Bangalore today. Do try it out. I’ll be using it frequently and will share my experiences here on Twitter,” wrote CEO Bhavish Aggarwal in a tweet earlier today.

Cab cancellations is a major challenge faced by cab-hailing customers across the country. So much so that many cab-hailing customers have started to prefer pre-booked cab services like BluSmart which promise zero cancellations.

Closely after this announcement by Aggarwal, an Ola user tweeted, “Just tried Ola Prime Plus. The experience healed years of trauma of booking a cab in the city. You get a cab the second you book, and driver does not have the option to cancel. My driver and I were extremely excited that we were each other’s first Prime Plus.”

On the other hand, another Twitter user Saranyan questioned why Ola needs a Prime Plus offering to deliver the “basic expectation of clean cars and no cancellations.” Adding to this, Shrinidhi, another Twitter user said, “Getting a ride with decent car, ride without cancellation and other issues is standard service. If you opt for premium, I will guarantee service, else depend on your luck is not a right thing.”