Tech major Oracle plans to provide services to Indian organisations to develop AI models within a secure organisational setting, amid growing AI adoption in the region, according to Srikanth Doranadula, Group Vice-President, Technology and Systems, Oracle India.

The trend of data migration to the cloud and significance of retaining sensitive data behind firewalls for constructing AI models is increasing. “The focus is on empowering enterprises to freely build AI models by leveraging their data effectively for AI development while maintaining stringent privacy measures within their premises, addressing the growing need for confidential data management in the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements,” Doranadula told businessline.

Oracle’s approach in AI infrastructure emphasises on low latency and efficient data transfers through memory-to-memory connections. This design enables faster processing and larger data transfers essential for AI services. Oracle plans to integrate this infrastructure across its services, signaling a commitment to embedding AI capabilities into its offerings for customers.

It has also made advancements in AI model training acceleration and the use of Oracle Apex for applications such as inventory management. For instance, Tanishq’s migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resulted in improved technology support and reduced operational demands by about 30 per cent through this migration, noted Doranadula.

Recently, the company also enabled support for vector database models in MySQL, allowing customers to utilise large language models for their private data. Several enhancements, including AI and ML capabilities, were introduced. Dorandula said “these developments are of high relevance to India’s market with the focus on Indian customers, especially in banking and NBFC sectors, being significant engagement”.

Oracle also has its two improved initiatives — Cohere and Oracle Alloy. Oracle Alloy is a platform enabling partners to act as cloud service providers (CSPs) and offer various services available in the public cloud to customers. Oracle is also engaging with Systems Integrator partners in India for further collaboration.

Additionally, Oracle has also made enhancements to the Analytics Cloud include the integration of AI features leveraging OCI’s generative AI. New capabilities encompass AI-driven data interactions, document understanding, and contextual insights as part of the software integrations.

In India, Oracle, spanning over 30 years, is serving over 20,000 customers across various business scales, and maintaining significant R&D investment. Oracle’s commitment includes dedicated teams for product development, contributing to the “Make in India” initiative. They’ve established two cloud regions in Hyderabad and Mumbai.