Budget chain Oyo Hotels and Homes has allocated approximately $100 million — out of $600 million earlier committed to being invested in China — towards quality improvement and customer service, according to the statement issued by the company.

“OYO Jiudian (Hotels) has been growing at a rapid pace and we are humbled by the support that we are receiving from thousands of employees, asset owners and the 300,000 plus travellers who are resting their heads on OYO Jiudian pillows each night. This phenomenal growth is also the result of concerted efforts of our business partners, and leaders,” said Sam Shih, COO, OYO China.

The company also announced the appointment of Zhu Lei as its Chief Revenue Officer of Oyo Jiudian. He would also oversee offline sales and OTA channel portfolios.

With second-tier cities at its core, OYO Hotel and Homes’ chain extends deep into China’s tier-2 to tier-6 cities and has created both direct and indirect employment opportunities across the country, the statement added.

“For the year 2019, we have recognised key priorities, including a deep and wide expansion of OYO’s chain while ensuring a consistent product and service delivery, and high-quality customer experience,” said Shella Ng, General Counsel, OYO China.