Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd. (RRVL) has signed a joint venture with Alia Bhatt’s conscious clothing brand of kids and maternity-wear, Ed-a-Mamma for a 51 per cent majority stake.

“RRVL aims to take the brand on a dynamic growth trajectory by closely collaborating with founder Alia Bhatt and leveraging the management strength of its subsidiary Reliance Brands Limited to spearhead the business. This partnership also marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainable fashion for the younger generation,” said a press statement.

Ed-a-Mamma was founded by Alia Bhatt in 2020 as an apparel brand for 2–12 year-olds.

“At Reliance, we have always admired brands that lead with a strong purpose and embody a unique design ethos exemplified perfectly by Ed-a-Mamma and its founder Alia Bhatt. With sustainability as its core proposition the brand has garnered acclaim for its meticulous attention to detail, using ethically sourced materials and eco-conscious production processes. This aligns seamlessly with Reliance Brands’ vision of fostering a more responsible future for the fashion industry.” said Isha Ambani, Director, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd.

“Alia’s daughter and my twins are two weeks apart and we pretty much went through our pregnancies at the same time coincidentally wearing Ed-a-Mamma maternity, and now dressing our children in Ed-a-Mamma kidswear, which they love! So, this is special – The product, brand and the partnership are especially close to my heart.” added Isha Ambani on a personal note.

Speaking about the joint venture, Alia Bhatt said “Isha and I found a wavelength as two new moms discussing what mothers want. I told her what we were already doing at Ed-a-Mamma and how there’s scope to do so much more. She said Reliance can bring strengths in everything from supply chain to retail to marketing. With this joint venture, we look forward to taking Ed- a-Mamma to many more kids and parents and continuing to inspire a love for nature through everything we do.”

The partnership will see the brand grow into new areas like personal care and baby furniture while retaining its core values of being child-friendly, parent-friendly, and planet-friendly. Also on the anvil is children’s story books and an animated series that will breathe life into the enchanting world of Ed-a-Mamma.