Amongst the concept cars on display at the Delhi Auto Expo is Renault's Eolab that delivers 100 km to a litre of petrol.

Patrick Lecharpy, Director, Design Synergies for the group, who is also in charge of Renault's design centres in Chennai and Mumbai, believes the hybrid car is more than a concept and could be on the street in 2022.

"This is a real vehicle study that was started after the French state initiated a project to study less than 2-litre engines," he explains.

The car he elaborates has 100 bricks of innovation, 20 of which exist in Renault cars today.

"Sixty will be applied in the next 8-10 years. The other 20, I don't know when we can apply," he quips.

Amongst the innovations in the Eolab are floor in carbon, roof in magnesium and a smaller three-cylinder engine.

All this shaves off 30 per cent of the weight of an equivalent car.

The innovative aerodynamic design elements include an integrated grille which allows front air entry. The air then passes over the wheels and exits through aerodynamic arches along the sides.

At the rear end, a pair of flaps open out once a speed of 70 kmph is achieved.

The transmission is automatic, and while the car runs on electric power in the first and second gear, it switches to gas in the higher gears.

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