Sequoia India & Southeast Asia, a prominent venture capital firm managing over $9.2 billion across 13 funds, has re-branded itself globally as Peak XV Partners. The decision comes as Sequoia Capital (US/Europe), Sequoia China, and Sequoia India & Southeast Asia have chosen to become independent entities with distinct identities.

The name “Peak XV” was selected as it was the original name of Mount Everest, symbolising the founders’ relentless pursuit of ambitious goals, according to the company.

“It’s a new beginning for us as Peak XV Partners, but unlike most beginnings, this is an opportunity for us to build on top of the foundation laid over the last 17 years. Our firm will continue to be managed by the present leadership team and will continue to invest from the most recently raised set of funds focused on India and Southeast Asia,” said Shailendra Singh, Managing Director of Peak XV Partners.

Throughout its history, Sequoia Capital (US/Europe), Sequoia China, and Sequoia India & SEA operated as separate entities with independent investment decision-making processes. However, as strategies and market presence evolved, brand confusion and portfolio conflicts arose. Consequently, the leaders of each business collectively decided to transition to fully independent partnerships with distinct brands, aiming to better serve founders and Limited Partners.

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global opportunity

“We are seeing companies emerge from every region with global ambitions. The flexibility that comes with the new structure will open up an unbounded global opportunity and help create more value for our founders and LPs,” he added.

Over the last 17 years, Sequoia India & SEA has raised 13 funds, and invested in over 400 start-ups, with more than 50 companies valued at $1 billion and above. The portfolio has seen 19 IPOs and multiple successful M&As resulting in $4.5 billion of realised exits so far. The investment team is led by 11 Managing Directors with an average tenure of over 12 years at the firm.

Peak XV Partners will persist in investing across various stages (seed, venture, growth) and sectors such as SaaS, AI, developer tools, cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, climate tech, fintech, healthtech, and consumer goods. The firm will further enhance its renowned programs, Surge and Spark, which have been well-received by founders and entrepreneurs, solidifying its position as an industry leader.