Swiggy, an on-demand convenience platform, has facilitated the pay out of ₹31 crore in claim amounts to its delivery partners in the fiscal year (2022-2023).

Swiggy has been providing insurance to its delivery partners since 2015. It now has partnered with Reliance General Insurance to cover health insurance, personal accident and accidental death, and mobile phone damages.

Mihir Shah, Head of Operations at Swiggy, said, “Delivery partners are the backbone of our service. There is a common misconception that since they are not employees, they do not have access to healthcare support from Swiggy. For several years now, we have provided carefully considered insurance and other benefits to our delivery partners and their families. Swiggy remains committed to providing industry-best safety and well-being practices to our delivery partners.”

In addition to the insurance, Swiggy provides a comprehensive package of benefits for its delivery partners, including insurance coverage for health, Covid-19, personal accidents, and mobile phones. They can avail of mobile insurance cover of ₹5,000.

Along with hospitalisation and OPD cover, Swiggy delivery partners also receive ₹10 lakh in case of fatalities. Delivery partners and their dependents have access to free and on-demand ambulance service and cashless claims at over 8,000 network hospitals across India. Swiggy introduced an industry-first ‘no questions asked’ two days of paid period time off every month for its women delivery partners in 2021.

Maternity cover

All women delivery partners and spouses of male delivery partners are eligible for maternity cover. To secure the delivery universe for women partners the company also launched a ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment policy in 2022 to assist with related grievances. The on-demand convenience delivery platform has around three lakh delivery partners across 500 plus cities in India.