Titan Eyecare, a division of Titan Company, has forayed into a new vertical with the launch of its audiology segment in partnership with WS Audiology.

As part of this collaboration, Titan has set up diagnostic tests at select stores aimed at assessing hearing capabilities and recommending suitable hearing aids (if needed).

The initiative launched six weeks ago, is currently in its initial stages as a pilot program, and is available in eight stores, with the aim of expanding on a larger scale in the future. Speaking to Businessline, Saumen Bhaumik, CEO of Eyecare Division at Titan Company, said that the venture is part of the company’s strategic expansion plans. “This is one of the new avenues we are focusing on for future growth,” he noted.

Having specialised in optometry for the past 15 years, Bhaumik explained that the company’s research extended to other sensory organs, such as the ears. The amalgamation of audiology and optometry has demonstrated success stories, and certain progressive regions globally have already entered this domain, he added.

Furthermore, the two key factors—the alignment of the captive audience’s age profile and the company’s established reliability—naturally position them to tap into the hearing aid sector, a potential area for growth. He clarified that while the company will retail hearing aids, it won’t engage in manufacturing them.

In addition to the hearing aid segment, the company has unveiled a range of innovative products across various categories, such as luxury, smart eyewear, and lenses.

Last year, the company also entered the luxury segment with the launch of a progressive lens called Titan Ultima, starting at a price of ₹52,000. Responding to its success, which contributed eight per cent to its lens portfolio, the company has now introduced a luxury frame brand called Zefr, crafted in France, to complement its existing offerings.

“We only had the luxury lens and did not have our own frames, so we decided to complete the loop with the launch of Zefr, designed and manufactured by our partner in France.”

Through its new brand, it will offer a range of light, comfortable, and minimal in-style frames, with prices starting at around ₹34,000 and above. These would be available in the top eight cities, including Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Lucknow, and Chennai.

Additionally, as part of its smart eyewear, the company has introduced Titan EyeX 2.0, a new version of smart glasses starting at a price point of ₹15,000. Similarly, under the affordable category at Fastrack, it has introduced Vibes 2.0, which is also a smart pair of sunglasses.

The company has also expanded its lens portfolio with the addition of two new lenses, DriveEZ, made for wearing while driving at night. Another one is in the premium space called Neo Sync, which is a progressive lens.

The introduction of these five products marks a pivotal step for Titan Eyecare, as it will accelerate growth and significantly improve its capabilities in luxury, smart technology, and lens expertise, the CEO stated.