Tvameva: After all Ayurveda is beyond the oils and medicinal syrups

Gitanjali Diwakar | Updated on June 17, 2021

Tvameva's body butter. Photo: Instagram/tvameva_essentiallyyou

This Bengaluru-based home enterprise strives to simplify Ayurveda for the modern day citizen

‘Organic and natural ‘ - these phrases define the preferences of many consumers across the globe. In the spirit of healthy living, products that contain little or no chemical have gained popularity. More importantly, it has paved way for many new players in the lifestyle space.  

My urge to learn more about herbal and chemical-free skin care products led me to Dhanya Dilip. A mother of two and an Ayurveda doctor; Dhanya is currently based in Bengaluru and has decided to share her passion for this ancient form of medical care in a unique manner.  


Her venture – Tvameva – provides people with products that motivate them to not shy away from Ayurveda. In fact, many of these items have been customised to suit the needs of her clients. The catalogue includes toothpastes, face creams, hair oils, kajal, and more. 

Back to basics 

Dhanya has been an independent Ayurveda consultant for seven years. She had graduated from the Government Ayurveda College in Tripunithra, situated in Kerala’s Ernakulam district. 

But her desire to prepare safe and effective well-being products had triggered when her son had weak incisors after fall at the age of three. Although the pedodontist said that he would not be able to chew on certain items for a while, Dhanya seemed unable to deny him the food stuffs that he loved. 


Soon, she decided to refer to her books on Ayurvedic medicine and began preparing a herbal toothpaste with ingredients that addressed problems related to the nerves around the incisors. The toothpaste was used for a while and proved effective. Today, 2.5 years later, her son enjoys being the foodie that he is.

The experiments continued even after the birth of her daughter, whose skin is very sensitive. Dhanya had, then, set out to prepare a suitable oil for her. Gradually, she decided to explore other products and was thrilled to know that they had worked wonders for many. Thus, Tvameva was born. 

It is Ayurveda – not a spa

Tvameva is a two-year-old venture and is built on the principles of Ayurveda. This was one among the many challenges that motivated Dhanya to start her venture. According to her, there isn’t anything complicated about Ayurveda.  

“Ayurveda is not difficult. But it is also not a spa. That is what Tvameva is all about. It is about how Ayurveda can be part of your daily lifestyle,” said Dhanya. The venture hopes to ensure that Ayurveda reaches out to more people and helps them cope with the present way of life. 

“Tvameva is not medical treatment. It is a means to preventing an ailment and could probably help you handle the situation better,” Dhanya commented. 

How do they propose to do so? 

For starters, the products are packaged attractively. Dhanya’s friend Ranjini Nair had helped her design the labels and the rest of the packaging. “I did not want my products to resemble those sold at an Ayurveda pharmacy. It had to look appealing and ideal for the ‘modern-day’ person,” she explained.  

Tech and Tvameva 

Tvameva’s products have become popular on Instagram. Dhanya is gradually working towards establishing the venture in the social media space. At the moment, word-of-mouth has helped her spread the word effectively. 

Ethics – the key to its success 

Dhanya was adamant that she would not use convenient alternatives to meet high demands. She strongly believes that the product must serve the purpose that it was meant for, else its true essence is lost. 

She also said that she would not combine her venture with her consultations as well. 

Built on fundamental principles 

Each of these products takes at least a week to prepare and Dhanya prepares them herself. The herbs are sourced from Kerala and ingredients are blend as per the Ayurvedic texts. While the process is a 'logistical challenge, many of her clients vouch for these items.  

The products are available in glass bottles, wooden boxes or even as powders. This is because some of these herbs react to plastic, which could lead to other health complications.


The Kajal for instance is made from coconut oil or gingerly instead of castor oil. Also, unlike many other brands, this product is essentially a cleanser. 


It is for these reasons that she does not express a fascination for bulk production. 

The product catalogue would soon include herbal drinks and a few other items as well.  

However, going forward, Dhanya believes that she could consider categorising some of her products based on the age of her clientele. Large scale customisation could pose certain budgetary challenges too. 

Published on June 17, 2021

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