Flickstree, a content, and marketing technology startup has raised $5 million in its Pre-Series B funding round, led by Venture Catalysts and 9 Unicorns.

The startup plans to utilise the funds for global expansion, along with strengthening its product and technology. Flickstree is a content-led video commerce platform that enables transactions for their brand partners, leveraging in-house video content, created using patented AI.

The platform uses AI voiceover, AI script, and auto-generates branded video content. These videos are distributed through its own apps and websites such as PlusYou Club, and a network of more than 150 publisher partners.

Future of e-commerce

Saurabh Singh, CEO of Flickstree said, “Consumers love watching video content before making transactions. That’s why content-led commerce is the future of e-commerce. Flickstree’s AI creates great content that consumers love to watch and transact, making this a cutting-edge platform to partner with, for all e-commerce brands worldwide.”

Flickstree said it currently has an active client base in India, Middle East, South-East Asia, UK, Australia, and USA.

Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Co-Founder, Venture Catalysts and 9 Unicorns said, “Flickstree uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to create the most compelling branded video content at scale, at no cost for brands. Moreover, they use their data engine to promote these videos that keep churning transactions on auto-pilot mode.” In sum, brands get videos at no cost and consumers love watching these videos and buying their products and services. This makes it a win-win platform for all brands globally, Sharma added.