The forthcoming Season 2 of the Volkswagen Motorsports' Polo Cup India, due to begin from June, will be a platform to push for diesel cars as it will prove the reliability and efficiency of the diesel engine.

“We are trying to prove that the diesel engine can be reliable and survive for two hard (racing) seasons,” Dr John Chacko, President and Managing Director, VW India, said, adding that the company wanted to increase the diesel quotas.

“We cannot get enough diesel engines to fulfil demands. Europe is booming — this is a diesel market — and we have to compete with it,” he said.

Currently VWI makes the Polo in 1.2 litre petrol and diesel engines, while its sedan, the Vento, is fitted with a 1.6-litre engine.

Polo Cup Season 2

Earlier, Volkswagwen Motorsports India announced that the second season for Polo Cup will begin with a race at the Kari Motor Speedway at Coimbatore on June 17. Twenty drivers from ages 16-24 and a mix of both rookies and veterans will compete in a total of six races that will be held from June to December.

“The inaugural season for the Polo Cup last year exceeded expectations. This year it will be bigger, faster and more action packed. We are committed to motor sports in India,” Dr Chacko said.

The company received 1,600 registrations and, after two rounds of selections, has chosen 20 drivers from across India, including six from the last season, to compete in the event. The races will be held in Coimbatore, Chennai and Delhi.

VW India has unveiled a new, sportier, Polo car for the Polo Cup 2011. Though it has the same 1.6 litre diesel (Vento) engine as last year, the additions include a cooling duct on the bonnet, improved exhaust, a new steering wheel and an electronic water bottle for the driver.