About 66.5 per cent of employees spend at least 45 minutes commuting to work and 74.3 per cent spend at least 45 minutes returning home from work, reveals a study conducted by Wipro among its employees.

The study also reveals that 70.8 per cent respondents (employees) were willing to switch to public transportation.

For the study, Wipro surveyed and recorded its employee addresses, their travel preferences and patterns.

“Employee home locations across Bengaluru were geocoded to determine the proximity of employees to existing Bengaluru Metropolitan transport corporation (BMTC) routes and identify any gaps in its services,” the company said.

To work with BMTC

The survey results showed the heightened interest of the employees in using the public transportation system. This has encouraged Wipro to work with BMTC to enhance the attractiveness of public transport to its employees.

“The survey results and associated recommendations were discussed with BMTC, which led to the introduction of new bus routes and augmentation of existing routes to reduce commute time,” said the company in a release.

To foster an economic, efficient, and convenient public transport system that continues to be aligned with user needs, Wipro will request its employees to update the survey information on a real-time basis to create a sustainable feedback mechanism for BMTC to improve its transport networks.

“The Wipro survey as well as BMTC’s applications will be integrated into a transport section within the Wipro employee portal. The process will be extended to other companies in Electronic City and Whitefield to develop public transport as the preferred mode of commute in the city,” the company said.

Population density

The population density of Bengaluru has grown by 47 per cent in the last decade. The technology workforce is growing at a pace similar to that of Silicon Valley and is expected to reach two million by 2020.

Along with the rapid growth in population, the city has also seen a sharp increase in the number of registered vehicles.

Today, Bengaluru has about five million vehicles on its roads. The sharp increase in vehicle population has accentuated the city’s pollution problem and added to the difficulty in commuting within the city. Increased use of the public transport system is one of the solutions to alleviate this issue.