IndiGo is in a very good spot despite a supply chain crunch Pieter Elbers, Chief Executive Officer of the no-frills carrier, said at the CAPA India Aviation Summit on Monday. “We have plenty of deliveries and a steady flow of deliveries till the end of the decade, which enables us to continue growing.”

supply chain crunch

The aviation industry is struggling with aircraft deliveries as OEMs are facing a supply chain crunch. However, Elbers said “IndiGo is in a sweet spot. IndiGo has close to 500 still to be delivered. We are focusing on getting our order which leaves us with enough capacity till the end of the decade.”

In order to avoid letting the crunch hamper its growth, it is evaluating lease extensions and wet leasing of aircraft as options. 

Speaking about the company’s network addition, he said that the airline aims “to add 600 additional weekly flights to our network.” 

Flight operations

It operates 1800 daily flights, on 400 routes to 78 domestic destinations and 26 international destinations on its network. It has recently extended its codeshare agreement with Turkish Airlines to fly to the US. Addressing the media during a round table, Elbers said the airline has applied for necessary permissions and is awaiting approvals. 

He further said: “In terms of available seat kilometers IndiGo’s market share is around 22 per cent internationally and it aims to grow it to 30 per cent in two years.” 

The fleet will roughly be double where it is currently by the end of this decade which is 2030. It has 311 aircraft in its fleet, and it has an order book of 500 aircraft which are likely to be delivered by the end of this decade. However, it will be returning old aircraft  too.

According to agencies, during a session at a session of CAPA India aviation summit, Elbers said, “We are embarking on the next level of growth”. He noted that the V-shaped recovery of the country’s aviation sector has been a part of learning.