Destiny was super kind to the Indian ultra-rich born between June 21 and July 22? According to IIFL Hurun India Rich List In 2021, the Indians who own assets over ₹1,000 crore and were born under the Cancer sign cumulatively saw their wealth grow by 35 per cent.

And no price for guessing who the richest individual born under this sign is: it’s Gautam Adani, whose birthday is on June 24, 1962. Other prominent people born under this sun sign are Shiv Nadar and Benu Gopal Bangur, the fourth and the 25 th richest in India. Also, about 8.8 per cent of the India’s ultra-rich whose wealth is above ₹1,000 crore have cancer as their sun sign.

Scorpios and Virgos cumulatively form 21 per cent of the ultra-rich in India. Each of these signs contributes 9.5 per cent to the list. A few prominent Scorpios are Asian Paints’ Ashwin Dani and Lulu Group’s Yusuff Ali MA and a couple of richest Virgos are Vedanta’s Anil Agarwal and investor Radhakrishnan Damani. Virgos also saw cumulatively a 14 per cent increase in their wealth in a year.

While 9.3 per cent of the list’s members are Leos, 9 per cent of them are Geminis. Mukesh Ambani, the second-richest Indian is an Aries and this sun sign forms 8.7 per cent of the list. Taurus has the lowest representation in the list. Just 7.2 per cent of the ultra-rich are born between April 20 and May 20. Pharma giant Cyrus Poonawalla, by the way, is a Taurus.

While people of nine sun signs saw their wealth cumulatively increase in a year, there are a few losers too. Gemini, Leo and Capricon saw their wealth decrease by 1 per cent, 2 per cent and 4 per cent, respectively.

Social media stars

The rich people who are popular among the masses are not the ones who are part of India’s top 10. Even though Gautam Adani has a Twitter account, he only has close to 7.5 lakh followers. The winner here is Ratan Tata with a whopping 118 lakh Twitter followers. He added 18 lakh followers in a year.

He is followed by Anand Mahindra with 97 lakh followers and Patanjali Ayurved’s Acharya Balkrishna with 65 lakh. They are followed by Sundar Pichai with 46 lakh followers and Satya Nadella with 28 lakh followers.

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