A closer look at the wealth owned by the 224 new MLAs of the Karnataka Assembly shows that on average, an MLA owns ₹64.4 crore worth of assets.

This is the highest in the country, our analysis of reports by the Association for Democratic Reforms shows.

Andhra Pradesh comes a distant second, where each incumbent MLA owns assets worth ₹28 crore on average. The third is Maharashtra, where it is ₹22.42 crore.

In the current Assembly, Congress MLAs are the richest. They own ₹67.13 crore on average, mostly owing to the wealth of two MLAs ― DK Shivakumar and Priya Krishna.

Shivakumar has assets worth ₹1,413 crore, while Krishna has ₹1,156 crore. If their assets are excluded, a Congress MLA in Karnataka owns assets worth ₹48.5 crore on average.

The average wealth of BJP MLAs is ₹44.36 crore.

ADR’s report also shows that MLAs who got re-elected in 2023, too, saw a massive rise in their wealth. While an average re-elected Congress MLA’s assets grew by 73 per cent, it was 67 per cent for BJP MLAs.