Now, politicians can look to ISB for tips

G Naga Sridhar Hyderabad | Updated on January 30, 2011 Published on January 30, 2011

Politicians can now look forward to tips on leadership from Indian School of Business (ISB).

The Hyderabad-based business school will offer short-duration capsule courses, specially designed for elected representatives of people to be offered four times a year at regular intervals, Deepak Chandra, Deputy Dean, ISB told Business Line here.

Apparently, the success of the first of its kind training programme for people's representatives run by the business school early this month motivated it to decide in favour of regular courses. “This programme was highly successful and we thought we should definitely work with politicians to take our expertise to them,'' he said.

Specialised training

Spread over three days, 44 members of the legislative assemblies (MLAs) from 11 States had received specialised training on various aspects of leadership as part of an initiative funded by the Bharti Group.

The feedback from the participants made ISB ‘realise that training politicians was critical' the Deputy Dean said.

“We have now decided to extend this programme to four capsules a year at regular intervals.

“We are also working on a portfolio of programmes on education/training relevant for other segments of the Government as well,'' he said.


The programmes for politicians would be of three to seven days duration.

“During these days, we will involve a cross section of experts from ISB and outside and focus on how to make a legislator more efficient,'' Deepak Chandra explained.

Besides providing insights into successful leadership through a case-based approach, ISB would also teach the politicians on ways for effective participation in discussions in the House.

“Debating issues on the Floor of the House requires a sound knowledge.

“Hence, we will be guiding the elected representatives in sourcing information on any particular issue from a plethora of sources,'' the Deputy Dean added.

Published on January 30, 2011
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