Living in a high-rise apartment, but still want to grow your leafy vegetables? No worries. Indian agri start-up Barton Breeze has a hydroponic home kit for you that can help grow lettuce to basil to parsley.

The hydroponic homekits, whose price ranges from ₹7,999 to ₹25,000 (from 20 plants to 96 plants at a time), have every thing a city dweller needs to grow these veggies, the Gurugram-based firm said in a statement on Monday.

The firm claimed that these homekits are ergonomically designed and are easy to use by anyone who has 20 minutes to spare a day. The kits contain all that one needs to grow these veggies and are enough to provide more than three months’ supplies, it said.

The ‘soil-less system’ allows growing plants which could be five times more than what could be grown in soil.

The homekit is available in various sizes and variants. The nutrient homekit is meant for hydroponic plant nutrition including macro and micro nutrition. These are available in four variants: generic hydroponic nutrition; nutrient for lettuce, bok choy, Swiss chad etc; nutrient for basil, summer crisp, mint and sage; and nutrient for vine plants. Germination cube are also available.

The installation of the homekit will help people get fresh, pesticide-free vegetables. Even offices can use them as a part of kitchen or canteen where employees will be able to make their own salad with fresh greens. Homekit,