Surpassing the target of $23.56 billion, exports of major agriculture and processed products (broadly divided under 27 categories) promoted by nodal agency Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) jumped 8.74 per cent to $26.72 billion during the last fiscal from $24.57 billion in 2021-22.

Pulses, Basmati rice, guar gum, groundnut and poultry products were the top performers which registered over 32 per cent growth rate. However, wheat, floriculture and meat (other than buffalo, sheep and goat meat) exports declined.

Due to thesudden ban imposed by the Centre on wheat exports last May, which still continues, the volume dropped to 4.69 million tonnes(mt) worth $1.5 billion from 7.24 mt a year ago.

India’s agricultural exports, including marine products and spices, surged about 20 per cent to $50.21 billion during 2021-22, in which APEDA-promoted products had over 50 per cent share. The government is yet to release the total agri export performance.

Top earners

In the APEDA basket, rice (both basmati and non-basmati) remained the top forex earner at $11.14 billion during 2022-23 against $9.67 billion in 2021-22. Data show that though Basmati rice had an impressive performance, the low rise in the non-Basmati segment dragged the overall growth in the rice sector to 15.2 per cent.

Exports of non-Basmati rice were 3.62 per cent up at $6.36 billion, while that of Basmati were up 35.3 per cent at record $4.79 billion last fiscal from year before.

APEDA’s major exporting destinations were Bangladesh, UAE, Vietnam, USA, Nepal, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran, and Egypt last year. “The rise is significant in agri-exports amid the geopolitical tensions and we are committed to perform better with the focus on several key products identified already,” said M Angamuthu, Chairman, APEDA. The emphasis on Shri Anna (millets) and their promotion via G20 meetings will be booster for its exports, both of raw grains and valued-added products, he added.

Export of pulses grew to $662 million in 2022-23, up 84 per cent from $359 million a year before. Shipments of poultry products grew by 89 per cent to $134 million from $71 million, while that of guar gum increased by 38 per cent to $617 million. Export of groundnuts rose 32 per cent to $832 million, that of processed vegetables by 24 per cent to $509 million($412 million).

Fresh fruits and vegetables exports were up by 5.7 per cent to nearly $1.79 billion from $1.69 billion, while processed fruits and vegetables exports were up by 19 per cent to reach $1.42 billion ($1.19 billion). Exports of alcoholic beverages grew by 18.5 per cent to $325 million from $274 million.