Agritech start-up CropIn has partnered with Mucheki Consulting to enable the creation of a digital ecosystem in the country and strengthen CropIn’s presence in Africa.

Mucheki Consulting caters to the entire continent of Africa with a presence in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. It offers specialized ERP solutions and services to progressive businesses across the African continent.

With this partnership, CropIn aims to complement the ERP solutions that Mucheki Consulting provides to their customers. CropIn’s digital solutions will also help provide key data and insights about the soil, climate, pests, and other details to governments to help them address the food security problems in Africa and restore balance. Customers are expected to benefit from better business intelligence, improved business operations, optimized costs, enhanced quality levels, superior collaboration, and business growth.

The partnership aims to strengthen farmers of Africa by digitizing farms and offering smart data on weather, disease prediction, crop health, yield estimation, soil quality, and risk of pestilence in real-time.

Speaking about the partnership, Jitesh Shah, CRO, CropIn, said, “Through this partnership, new vistas can open up in Africa for a sustainable agricultural ecosystem. The situation over the last eighteen months has accelerated innovative efforts to design and employ the power of digital technology to provide innovative solutions to existing problems in agriculture. Emerging evidence from Africa indicates that new-age technology can improve the productivity and income of marginal farmers by improving their efficiency, increasing traceability, and improving access to inputs and financial markets.”

“Agricultural data collection, use, and analysis have enormous potential to disrupt existing agricultural business models. New strategic alliances between the private and government sectors can help reap the positive benefits of digital technology," Shah added.

Adding to this, Churchward Mucheki Group, CEO, Mucheki Consulting said, “With an estimation of over 60 million farms, modern-day farming has become an intensely scientific practice. The increasing population, ever-changing demographic landscapes, global warming, and diverse urban dietary requirements all call for a technologically enhanced value chain. Mucheki has the vision to play an instrumental role in Africa's agricultural sector, and we believe CropInhas a host of digital solutions to complement our initiative.”