The Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative (Campco) Ltd, which is actively engaged in the purchase of commodities such as arecanut, cocoa, and pepper, feel that the repeal of farm laws was not necessary as it was helping the farmers.

Kishore Kumar Kodgi, President of Campco, told Business Line that the farm laws were perfect in the interest of farmers.

The Prime Minister might have decided to repeal the farm laws considering the overall future development of the country, he said.

Stating that the farmers had the freedom to sell their commodity anywhere in the country in these farm laws, he wondered if they would be again brought back under the APMC regime after repealing the laws.

Citing arecanut, he said the APMC charge was levied on the commodity if the arecanut buying centres or the godowns were located in APMC yards. There was no such charge if the commodity was bought from farmers at the village level.

“We fear that APMC levy may be charged for the commodities bought at the village level after the repeal of farm laws,” he said, adding it is an indirect burden on farmers.