GROWiT, a direct-to-farmer (D2F) protective farming company, has announced a partnership with Samunnati, an open agri network.

The partnership will increase awareness and penetration of protective farming techniques and products among farmers associated with Samunati and its farmer producer organizations, a GROWiT press release said.

GROWiT aims to help farmers get an increment in yield and per hectare output as a part of its larger mission to help double farmers’ income by 2030.

Samunnati, based in Chennai, is India’s leading open agri networks, serving the entire value chain with its solutions, including agri commerce and agri finance. By collaborating with GROWiT, the company aims to enable its affiliated farmers and the larger ecosystem to become more efficient and productive via protective farming, in turn increasing its returns.

About the partnership

Saurabh Agarwal, Director and CEO of GROWiT, said, “This partnership is not about GROWiT and Samunnati alone. We have always promoted protective farming techniques because of the benefits they offer to farmers in terms of crop quality, yield, and carbon footprint. If we achieve the goal of doubling farmers’ income by the end of this decade, it will benefit the entire agriculture industry and farmer community in India.”

For the Surat-based D2F agritech firm, this development also translates to an increase in revenue, while also offering its franchise owners increased farmer reach, which would result in an increase in sales and their income. GROWiT recently entered into technical collaboration with KVK Baramati and will continue to push its efforts towards empowering Indian farmers .

Samunnati, which has a presence in more than 100 agri value chains spread over 22 states said, “We are pleased to be associated with GROWiT to spread awareness about protective farming and how it can help our affiliated farmers increase their yield in an economical and sustainable way. This collaboration will also give us more avenues to increase our return.”

Samunnati currently has access to over 1500 farmer collectives with a member base of over six million farmers and envisions impacting one in every four farming households through its network by 2027.

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