Harish Coconut Products, which exported close to 37,000 tonnes of coir products in 2014-15, is looking to export more in the coming years. The company sees market potential for coir products picking up both within and outside the country.

The Pollachi-based company was acknowledged as the “Largest exporter of coir and coir products in 2014-15.”

CM Harirajan, Managing Director, said exports accounted for about 70 per cent of the company’s total turnover, estimated at ₹90-100 crore.

The company manufactures coir fibre, twisted coir, dessicated coconut and cocopeat. The products are exported to the US and European countries.

Coir fibre is exported to Russia, the UK and China. “The volumes exported to China accounts for close to 80 per cent of the turnover (from coir fibre),” he added. The over two-decade-old company specialises in the production of peat substrates, a 100 per cent organic medium considered optimal for most plants as it enhances water retention and aeration. Horticulturists, home and garden enthusiasts prefer coco peat substrates.

Apart from its manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, Harish Coconut Products has a subsidiary in Sri Lanka - Harish Tuff Lanka Pvt Ltd, which commenced operations in 2006.

The subsidiary was set up jointly with Tuff Substrates, Israel.